Combined total of 70 billion baht spent on 3 stimulus projects by April 30


More than 70 billion baht, from a combination of government funding and consumer money, has been spent on three economic stimulus projects, rolled out by the government to boost consumers’ purchasing power , which ended at the end of April, according to Pornchai Thiraveja, director general of the Bureau of Fiscal Policy and spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance.

The projects were the 4th phase of the 50:50 co-pay system, the 4th phase of the system aimed at increasing the purchasing power of 13.37 million welfare cardholders and the 2nd phase of the system aimed at increase the purchasing power of 1.31 million people. classified as needing special assistance.

The expenditure of the 4th phase of the co-payment system among the 26.27 million people who joined the system, including 25.46 million who joined the 3rd phase, amounts to approximately 60 billion baht, of which approximately half are state contributions. About 1.36 million entrepreneurs have joined the program, including about 29,800 who only joined the 4th phase of the program.

The 61 billion baht was shared by various entrepreneurial groups, including:

-Restaurants and shops that sell drinks, around 25.7 billion baht

-Thong Fah stores (blue flag), about 10.7 billion baht

-OTOP stores, about 2.8 billion baht

-General stores, about 21 billion baht

-Service shops, about 1.1 billion baht

-Public transport, 117 million baht

-Food delivery platforms, around 1.8 billion baht

About 94,900 restaurants sold food and beverages through the food delivery platforms during the active periods of the various programs.

Spending on the 4th phase of the project to boost the purchasing power of 13.37 million welfare cardholders is about 7.9 billion baht, while spending on 1.31 million who need special assistance totaled around 704 million baht.


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