Britney Spears’ father claims she was given a $15 million book deal for her guardianship memoir


Jamie Spears has claimed his daughter Britney Spears’ next book has earned her $15m (£12.27m).

In court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the popstar’s father tried to compel a deposition from Britney on the grounds that she had been given a $15m (£12.27m) book deal to write a memoir about the very things she refuses to talk about in court. .

According to Cornell University’s Institute for Legal Information, a deposition is the sworn out-of-court testimony of a witness, including information that may be used in the discovery process and sometimes at trial.

Jamie is currently preparing a case against Britney, as the court documents refer to her “right to prepare her case” and “the litigation her attorney has initiated.” Jamie’s lawyers are seeking to use Britney’s deposition as “admissible evidence” in her defense.

Jamie’s legal team claimed Britney was avoiding giving evidence because it might involve delving into ’emotionally difficult matters’, but refuted that argument as invalid.

Referring to Britney’s Instagram posts about the conservatorship, which officially ended in November, and her upcoming book deal, Jamie’s legal team said: “That Britney can talk about the very issues she raises publicly ( including to cash a check for $15 million) but would suddenly be ‘unduly burdened’ by the litigation his lawyer has initiated is ridiculous.

This reference to Britney’s book deal isn’t the first to cite the $15 million figure, though media reporting the upcoming memoir in February cited unidentified sources to back up reports of the contract.

It’s unclear if Jamie’s legal team has access to the contract or takes the figure from the unsubstantiated reports from February.


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