Bismarck teenager says her bike helmet ‘saved her life’


BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Summer means more people are cycling, whether for a workout or to get to their destination.

Whether it’s a group of kids going to summer school, a family walking together, or someone cycling to work, it’s important that drivers keep their eyes peeled for cyclists.

It is equally important for motorcyclists to respect the safety rules.

A Bismarck teenager who says her bicycle helmet saved her life.

This is 15-year-old Alayna Vallejo’s lucky bracelet. She’s convinced it’s luck, because the day she didn’t wear it, she got hit by a car. Alayna was on her bike returning home when she was hit.

“I was already going and then he hit me,” Alayna said.

She was well swollen.

“Luckily I don’t have any broken bones or anything,” she said.

She’s pretty sure her helmet saved her life.

“One of the only reasons I survived was because I was wearing my helmet,” she said.

Alayna always wears a helmet. She and her family are avid bikers; she has been pedaling since she was little, always with a helmet on her head. No one in his family will ride a bike without a helmet now. Her mother knows Alayna is lucky to be alive and, for the most part, unharmed.

“It could have been deadly. So lucky and grateful,” said Alayna’s mother, Jill Vallejo.

Alayna’s accident also made her more self-aware as a driver.

“As a driver, it makes me think too. I will look once twice, thrice look back and forth many times. I even think of my own situations when you’re sitting there at that stop sign and you see someone just let them go, just let them pass in front of you to make sure it’s clear,” said said Jill.

Police say drivers and bikers should take an extra two-second glance before crossing an intersection.

“We always say look left, look right and look left again, but we actually teach people to do that extra two-second look, just to make sure nobody comes,” said Caity Horne, Bismarck police officer.

Alayna says she will cycle again but never without her helmet, and never without taking an extra two second glance. Because she knows that next time, even with her lucky charm bracelet, she might not be so lucky.

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