Biker says female driver saved his life when he crashed near Garberville on Wednesday


An ambulance and other emergency vehicles at the scene of the accident on Wednesday evening. [Photo by Lisa Music]

On Wednesday, June 15, Daniel Foster of Fortuna headed north on Highway 101 on his motorcycle. He had just passed Benbow and had almost reached Garberville when he crashed and a female driver, he was told, probably saved his life by pulling her car between where his body lay unconscious on the ground and oncoming traffic.

“I wore all black,” Foster told Us. “I probably would have gotten run over if she hadn’t done what she did.”

Foster explained: “I was passing a car. Suddenly there was a tree branch in my driveway. Foster said his motorcycle hit him and he flew through the air. He fell hard.

“I went dragging down the road,” he said. “The last thing I remember is hitting the road… The next thing I remember after hitting the ground is talking to the guys on the stretcher.”

Paramedics told Foster that a woman had parked in the lane behind him and turned on her hazard lights for people to drive around.

“Cars were flying right past us,” Foster said.

Foster, who was born in Garberville, said he wasn’t seriously injured but, he told us, “I’m in quite a bit of pain…I didn’t have a broken bone. I was just badly bruised… and I have a lot of rashes. I ache all over.

After having some time to think, Foster said he knew he wanted to thank the woman who may have saved his life, so he contacted the CHP. He said they told him they “didn’t write down anyone’s names because it was just an accident of one person.”

If anyone knows of the Good Samaritan, please contact Daniel Foster at [email protected]



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