Beloit Boy Whose Quick Thinking Saved Honored Dad’s Life


BELOIT, Wis. – Beloit City Council on Monday honored a quick-thinking young boy whose actions helped save his father’s life.

Late last year, then four-year-old Noah Lundblade and his father Matt were going to the park when the eldest Lundblade started feeling ill. When they got to the park, he tried to call his wife but couldn’t. He then suffered a seizure and rammed their vehicle into a telephone pole, leaving him unconscious.

Noah managed to get out of the car and found a woman walking her dog nearby to help him call 911.

Jason Griffin, deputy chief of the Beloit Fire Department, said firefighters were able to get Noah’s father out of the car and take him to Beloit Hospital. Eventually, Matt had to be hospitalized in Madison.

Griffin added that doctors said Matt might not have survived if not for his son’s actions.

“The heroic effort that Noah made that day, (he’s) a real hero,” he said.

A GoFundMe page said doctors later discovered an aggressive cancerous tumor on Matt’s brain which they removed. He underwent six weeks of radiotherapy earlier this year and is due to undergo a second cycle of a double dose of chemotherapy from next month.


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