ARMY Poster At PTD Concert Hits Twitter Straight Into The Senses


BTS wrapped up their Permission to Dance concert in Las Vegas yesterday and the show was full of emotional moments, with a “We’re bulletproof” message from K-pop group leader RM keeping fans waiting. for a “return”. BTS played four nights at Allegiant Stadium, spread over two weeks, as part of the Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas program. Additionally, the in-person livestream event “LIVE PLAY in LAS VEGAS” was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for all four days. The concert was also streamed online for global audiences on the final day of the tour. ARMYs are known for their ability to move mountains when it comes to fan projects. They feel an exceptional emotional connection with the band and the same was once again visible on one of the fan posters during PTD’s Day 4 concert. Echoing ARMY’s general sentiment, the posters simply read, in block letters, “BTS saved me.”

All seven band members kept mentioning throughout the two-hour run that it was their last performance in the city, but it turned out to be unforgettable for ARMYs, especially due to the healthy moments from Taekook or J-Hope. praising Jin.

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