Arkansas students furious after black victim received same punishment as ‘White Bully’


Once school officials learned of the incident, they opted to suspend the two students for 10 days, even though the video shows the black victim clearly trying to defuse the situation on several occasions. Students and parents began protesting the decision, and there was a public outcry on social media and protests at the school.

“The same amount of punishment, like, that’s not right,” Enough Smith, a 2021 Fordyce High School graduate, noted. “You can see in the video that he didn’t want to fight the guy and the guy was still harassing him, throwing shoes at him.”

Concerns about the school’s handling of the situation left the Fordyce School District in hot water. Superintendent Judy Hubbell was vague when speaking on the matter.

“This video was revealed about two days ago and we cannot discuss student discipline as it is confidential information. We are in the process of investigating and dealing with this matter,” she said.

“We don’t want bullying on our campus. We want to have a safe campus, but it has just been revealed and we are working on it; we talk throughout the process,” Hubbell added. “There have been disciplinary measures, but I cannot tell you what those measures are. I can’t tell you who’s involved or anything like that.

No further information on this is currently available and we hope the victim is recovering well.


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