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Football agents help run the transfer market and it’s not a service, you won’t be surprised to learn, it costs nothing.

An agent’s role, of course, goes beyond mere negotiation, especially when it comes to looking after the welfare of their clients, but it’s the lucrative sums they can earn through to major headline-grabbing moves and this week we gained our annual behind-the-curtain preview.

On Thursday, the Football Association published lists of intermediary fees and transactions between February 2, 2021 and January 31, 2022. They cover the Premier League through to the National League, detailing how much money clubs are spending on people who facilitate the transfers. and contract changes, both on behalf of clubs and players.

It’s a rung below the most lucrative league in the world, but the league, which is renowned for its financial largesse and tempting salary-to-earnings ratios, is a division where agents have traditionally been able to find bargains. But unless you dealt with a West London club on the banks of the Thames last year, it wasn’t one of the best outstanding years.

Spending on agent fees increased from last year at the second tier, from £40.8m in 2020-21 to £44.4m. The gap to the Premier League, which remained relatively stable at £272.6m (from £272.2m), remains huge with a difference of six times. You can see how each club ranked in terms of spending and compare it to their league position here:

2021-22 Championship Finder’s Fee

Although there was a modest increase in the Championship, it was not a full throwback to the dynamic pre-pandemic years, when total spending among the league’s 24 clubs exceeded £49m and 50 million over the two 12-month periods between February 2018 and February 2020.


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