Amount spent by man to support his divorced sister should be considered when deciding on wife’s maintenance: Delhi High Court


Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma said that in Indian culture, a brother and a sister have a deep sense of care for each other.

“The affection shared by family members culminates in bonds, and family members are each other’s strongest support system. In particular, the relationship between a brother and a sister has a deep sense of “care for each other. Festivals, norms and traditions in India are an affirmation and recognition of the care, affection and responsibility of brothers and sisters towards each other”, the court said.

He therefore ruled that the amount spent by a man to support his divorced sister must be taken into account when awarding alimony to his wife.

“I am of the opinion that although the divorced sister can legally and morally claim alimony from her husband, the respondent, at the same time, must and is expected to spend a certain amount for her sister on special occasions and in case of Therefore, although when distributing the income of the sponsor (brother), part of the income of the sponsor cannot be attributed to the sister, a certain amount as an annual expense must be set aside for the sister divorced as a moral obligation of the sponsor”, said the Court.


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