‘Actraiser Renaissance’ has received a new update


Since May 2, the excellent Renaissance actress received a new update, with all sorts of fixes and improvements.

Although I had no problem finishing Renaissance actress and thinking the game was generally fantastic, Square Enix rolled out a new patch for the game. This patch is also available on all versions of the game.

Patch 1.10 brings the following changes to the game:

  • The drop rates of items and SP potions during realm management and colony defense have been increased.
  • Population requirements to complete certain objectives in Aitos and Marahna while running the kingdom have been reduced.
  • The option to skip previously completed Colony Siege Battles has been added. (This feature is only available after completing the game.)
  • The difficulty of the Raflasher boss fight in Marahna Act 1 has been adjusted.
  • The “Rebirth Actions” setting has been added to the in-game settings menu. If disabled, backswings, combos, upswings, and air strikes will be disabled, giving players an experience closer to that of the original. ActRaiser.
  • The scene clear sequence has been adjusted.
  • The option to change the angel’s outfit during cutscenes has been added.
  • A number of musical compositions have been refined by Yuzo Koshiro.
  • An option to display update information has been added to the title screen.
  • Various other minor issues have also been resolved.

If you missed Renaissance actress first time, then it might be a good time to give the game a try. It really is a great remake of a classic game and comes highly recommended.

Also, if you’re curious about how this remake came to be, be sure to check out my interview with various members of the development team.

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