A teenager from Nogales finds the policeman who saved his life


TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – A teenager was brought back to life thanks to the quick actions of a Nogales police officer.

Sunday, Christian Andres Lopez Gomez, 14, and his family were able to thank the policeman who saved his life.

“I was sinking in the water and I remember it getting deeper and darker and then I fell in a dream,” Gomez said. “There was like a second where I felt like my spirit was leaving my body.”

He talks about when he started drowning in the pool at the Americana Hotel. He was playing with his younger sister when he had a leg cramp. Things went from bad to worse when he realized he couldn’t get out of the water and he started to sink to the bottom of the pool. His family came running and pulled him out, but he was already unconscious and not breathing.

“Seeing him so vulnerable there and I couldn’t do anything about it, it was just very, very bad for me. I remember I was shaking and screaming and I couldn’t do anything,” his wife said. mother, Laura Lopez.

His father started CPR on him until Officer Fernando Hernandez arrived and took control of the situation.

“When I first saw him he was pale and his lips were purple,” Hernandez said. “I was looking him in the eye and I just thought ‘you’re not going to die, not today, not on me.'”

After about a minute of CPR, Hernandez saw Gomez’s eyes open. He was then taken to hospital for his recovery.

“It gave me a new perspective on life, because before I was like, I have no purpose,” Gomez said. “I’m just going through teenage struggles and then when that happened it really boosted my self-esteem like I had a purpose because I was brought back.”

Although the drowning happened earlier this month, Christian has not fully recovered and doctors are continuing to check his lungs for water. His mum said there was a 73 per cent chance he wouldn’t make it or make a full recovery.

“I’m so grateful that he’s here, that he survived this whole incident,” she said. “Now we have a new perspective on life after this incident. We are more grateful for everything. We spend more family time together.

Gomez’s mother said that because of what happened to her son, she encourages all parents to get CPR training and always watch their children in the pool, regardless of age.

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