A man who has never caught the attention of women shares a meme that says “women”


Shadman Sakib has given up on love forever after his 43rd attempt to talk to a girl was unsuccessful. That’s all he’s ever wanted: a girlfriend who’d be willing to give him all the attention his kind desperately needs while accepting that he’s eyeing every woman on the street. However, the constant rejection despite his pathetic attempts has made him the internet misogynist he is today.

“I tried my luck with women,” said Shadman, president of the Chirokumar Shongho“But after my 43rd rejection, I realized they didn’t deserve the attention of an alpha male, like me. They aren’t intellectually capable of accompanying me and they feel intimidated by my cerebral presence.”

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“Now that I’m done with the girls, it’s time to put them down on the internet to overcompensate for my insecurities,” he continued. “Whenever I see a girl screwing up online or giving a different opinion than mine, I have two options. I can either call her a feminist, which was an insult in the 1880s in the UK and continues to be it in 2022 in Bangladesh. . Or, I can share the popular ‘women’ meme pattern in the comments and insult an entire genre based on one person’s opinion.”

Although Shadman’s online presence against women is quite strong, his offline experience with girls has been rather disappointing.

“Yeah, I couldn’t interact with a girl in real life without having a panic attack. Every chance I get, I end up imagining our whole relationship, marriage, and kids in space 3 seconds and starts sweating profusely,” he said.

“It continues until she gets tired of the awkward silence and leaves or worse, I shout ‘Sorry Apu’ and run away,” Shadman said. “After realizing offline interaction wasn’t my cup of tea, I decided to play to my strengths and do what every man does when something goes wrong: blame the other party and strengthen my ego.”

“That’s where I founded my organization, Chirokumar Shongho, which currently has 17 members. My apologies, 16 members. Our 17th member Rafsan got married last week,” Shadman continued,

“With the help of my fellow misogynists, I’ve come to the conclusion that all women are the same. All women in this world want the same things: respect, safety, basic rights, financial freedom, etc.”

“Loyalty, respect, affection – these demands will suffocate any man! A friend of mine was heartbroken by his greedy girlfriend who went on expensive dates at his expense. That was proof enough for us to stereotype and label half of the world’s population as “gold diggers””

Following his shenanigans, Shadman was called a misogynist and an Andrew Tate fan by his classmates.

However, Shadman denies these claims: “The West is obsessed with Andrew Tate because his misogynistic hate speech against women is new to them. I come from a Bangladeshi family. I grew up with my father who belittled my mum and sister every time Insulting my mum casually in front of guests to make up for her lack of humor and making sexist remarks in front of her colleagues Andrew Tate is literally the Bengali dad of the west.

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