A high school student was taken into custody for opening the door


By James Felton and James Paxson

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ESSEXVILLE, Michigan (WNEM) – A local mother is upset that her daughter was detained for several days for opening a door at Garber High School.

“No one corrected her, no one educated her, no one told her it was wrong or against a rule to hold the door open just so they could come in after lunch,” said said Amy Ricker.

After some back and forth with school administrators, the punishment was reduced to one day. Ricker said her child shouldn’t have been disciplined at all.

“So if we’re talking about protecting the school and protecting the students, the last thing we want to do is alienate them and punish them for something they don’t know. If that matters when you think about things like gun violence and school shootings, they need to intern with these kids and remind them about safety, and get them all on the same page, not alienate and humiliate them,” he said. Ricker said.

The Superintendent released this statement to TV5:

“Opening the doors is listed in the Garber Student Handbook as a violation that could result in disciplinary action. Additionally, at the start of the school year and after the Oxford High School shooting, part of the daily announcements included the reminder “Remember that it is against school policy to keep doors open at school.” Announcements are also emailed to students and parents daily.

Ricker insists the message is not getting through. She said photos she took on Tuesday appeared to show the door to the music room open. Ricker is adamant that more needs to be done.

“A meeting, a brief meeting, and go over those security policies and procedures, go over the importance. They’re teenagers, you know that as well as I do, you have to tell them more than once, you have to remind them,” Ricker said.

TV5 contacted school administrators to comment on Ricker’s photos. We are still awaiting a response.

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