With over 90% of eligible islanders having received the £150 energy rebate, Isle of Wight Council is urging the remaining 5,000 households not to miss out.

The local authority is writing to those who have not yet benefited from the money, reminding them that the deadline is September 9 and giving them details on how to apply.

The scheme is administered by local councils and financed from central government funds. Isle of Wight households have so far received a total of £7,031,250.

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The rules of the scheme are that each eligible household receives a payment of £150.00 paid to the person named on the council tax bill. Letters sent to people paying in cash contain a unique code allowing them to fill out a short online request so that payment can be made. The scheme also requires local councils to carry out a fraud check to ensure that payments are made to the correct person.

Advisor Chris Jarman, Cabinet Member for Strategic Finance, said:

“Our message is simple – Don’t miss it! Households in municipal tax bands A to D are eligible for the £150 energy rebate and tens of thousands of islanders have already received the payment. We know many people are facing huge challenges with rising energy bills and that’s why we’re working hard to encourage households to seek the help they’re entitled to.

“No one should miss out. The worst case scenario is that unclaimed funds go back to the central government.

Households that have not yet applied for financing can also go to the municipality’s website: https://www.iow.gov.uk/Residents/Benefits-Council-Tax-and-Business-Rates/Council-Tax-Services/Council-Tax/Energy-rebate.

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The local authority has also received government funding for discretionary payments to help those who are not eligible for an energy rebate under the main scheme. These are households in the EH municipal tax brackets who receive municipal tax assistance, a housing allowance or universal credit.

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