2 SI coaches – a firefighter and a sanitation worker – helped save a man’s life during an HS lacrosse game


STATEN ISLAND, NY — Two Staten Island coaches were honored this week by District Attorney Michael E. McMahon for their heroism during a life-and-death situation at a recent high school lacrosse game in Brooklyn.

City firefighter Anthony Mendez and sanitation worker Mark Rini were off duty coaching Monsignor Farrell’s team at the time of the March 29 incident inside the Aviator Sports Complex in Floyd Bennett Field. As the two teams warmed up, 72-year-old spectator Patrick McCarthy suffered a heart attack.

With EMS workers at least 10 minutes away, due to the size and location of the site, Rini and Mendez sprang into action. They performed CPR on McCarthy, also a Staten Islander, until an ambulance arrived. The patient was first taken to Coney Island Hospital until his condition was stabilized, then transferred to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

On Monday, McCarthy and his family were able to thank Mendez and Rini during a ceremony at the St. George district attorney’s office.

“Even when off duty, these two dedicated public servants sprang into action and helped save the life of a fellow Staten Islander,” McMahon said in a written statement after the ceremony. “We thank them for their quick thinking and care that day, as we also wish Mr. McCarthy a continued and speedy recovery.”


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