10 Times Love Saved The Day In Josei Anime


The power of love is one of the strongest in the world. Love can overcome hate, help to grow as an individual and overcome all evils. Love in anime is no different, whether love is a miraculous tangible force or acts as a support system, it’s always there to lend a helping hand.

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The power of love is particularly visible in the josei genre. This anime is mainly for adult women but can be enjoyed by everyone. Countless Josei anime have a stellar moment when love rushes in and saves the day. Whether it’s a supernatural moment or the everyday magic of love, every moment love manifests is special.

ten Victor’s support gives Yuri confidence (Yuri On Ice)

When Victor becomes Yuri’s trainer for the first time in Uri on ice, the young Japanese skater was immediately delighted. Struggling with anxiety and facing his hero, Yuri wondered if he was worthy enough to be trained by Victor. However, as the two worked together, creating skating programs and improving Yuri’s technical skills, they slowly grew closer.

The support and affection that Victor and Yuri have for each other has helped them make great strides, not only on the ice but also personally. The love shared between Yuri and Victor is warm enough to melt any ice rink.

9 Even budding feelings have strength (Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits)

In Kakuriyo: guesthouses for spirits, Aoi is faced with either an arranged marriage to a powerful yokai or a job at his hotel. Aoi is dedicated to becoming the best leader the yokai has ever seen.

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Although she started off on the wrong foot, as Aoi adjusts to life in the Hidden Realm, she begins to realize that the big bad ogre, Ōdanna, might not be so bad. Their budding feelings for each other are a source of power that will help them overcome any supernatural or other challenges that may come their way.

8 Tohru stays with Kyo (fruit basket)

Like the Zodiac cat in Fruit basket, Kyo faced tremendous hardship throughout his life. Convinced that no one could truly love or accept him, he had completely closed himself off. At least until he meets Tohru, even as she is confronted with the disgusting truth he was too determined to hide.

Despite Kyo’s fears, Tohru didn’t give up on him. Her desire to know more about him and to stay together is what opened her heart. Tohru and Kyo’s feelings will also eventually turn into a love that will save them both.

seven Love sustains an Otaku’s hobbies (Love is hard for an Otaku)

Love is difficult for everyone and can be particularly difficult when their interests are outside the realm of “normality”. So when you can find someone who accepts him and loves him for all his quirks, it’s important not to let him go. This is especially true for Hanako Koyanagi, Tarō Kabakura, Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji, four otakus who thought love would be irrelevant.

However, things change as each couple Love is hard for an Otakucontinues its journey. Together they discover that they are able to support each other despite not having many common interests. A love that fully accepts someone for who they are is truly one of the sweetest of all.

6 Tsukasa completely loves and accepts Anzai (Devils’ Line)

The world of The line of devils is filled with vampires called Devils. Yūki Anzai devoted himself to stopping demons and never thought about falling in love. Everything changes when he meets Tsukasa. However, Tsukasa is human and Anzai is a demi-devil, which complicates their relationship a bit.

The pair face danger, both from the world around them and from the more predatory nature of Anzai. However, it’s Tsukasa’s love for him and her love for her that saves the day. The love between these two is strong enough to change the world that humans and demons live in.

5 Sometimes for love, action speaks louder than words (Engaged to an unidentified)

In Engaged with the unidentified, Kobeni doesn’t really like his fiancée, Hakuya. When she learns that he is not human, things get complicated. However, the two grow closer as they spend time at school and at home. This arranged marriage might not be as bad as Kobeni thinks, if only she would admit it.

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When Kobani finds out that Hakuya is gone, not knowing how she feels, she immediately sets off after him. Faced with harsh weather and terrain, Kobeni is able to find Hakuya and confess her love to him. He, in turn, is able to save her from a dangerous snowstorm.

4 Nicoletta’s Love Simmers Slowly (Ristorante Paradiso)

When Nicoletta arrived in Rome in Restaurant Paradiso, she expected to reveal her mother’s secrets and not to be hired as an apprentice in her mother’s husband’s restaurant. However, as she begins her career at Casetta dell’ Orso, Nicoletta learns more from the waiters than she could have ever imagined.

Nicoletta also falls in love with the divorced Claudio. As this unlikely couple learn more about each other, it becomes clear that they will do anything to protect themselves. Their love is a slow, simmering burn that will melt away any pain that may be hiding in their hearts.

3 Love can change the future (orange)

In Orange, Naho and his friends attempt to save their friend Kakeru after receiving disturbing letters from the future. Determined to change the future, Naho, Hiroto, Saku, Azusa, and Takako actively try to correct the mistakes made by their future.

Despite a handful of misfires and things getting worse, the group manage to save Kakeru. It was through their love for their friend and the fact that Kakeru could feel that love that he was able to change his future.

2 Sei’s love can save the world (the magic power of saints is omnipotent)

After being summoned to an alien world and cast back into The magic power of saints is omnipotent, Sei must adapt to his new world. Luckily, she’s able to find her place in the Research Institute, and Knight Commander Hawk always appears by her side when she needs a little help.

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It is thanks to Commander Hawk’s kindness that Sei has no hatred for this new world in his heart. It turns out her love for him was all she needed to unleash her holy power and save the world.

1 Love saves a girl isolated from the world (Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~)

Forced to live in isolation for the safety of others, Code: Realize’s Cardia never dreamed of making friends or falling in love. She’s cursed with skin that will melt anything she touches, so normal life just seems out of reach. However, Cardia’s life changes dramatically when she encounters the infamous thief Lupin and his companions.

Now on a quest to unravel the mystery surrounding her powers, Cardia can’t help but fall in love with the thief who stole her. When their adventure goes awry, it’s the love Cardia and Lupin share that is the key to their happy ending and the protection of the world.

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