what do we most often use money from loans for?

It can be said that “how many customers – so many reasons” for which money is borrowed in loan companies. However, there are things or situations that we usually need cash for. At the turn of the years, the purpose of loans changed. Only a year or a few years ago we borrowed out of necessity, i.e. being in a difficult financial situation requiring quick financial help. Today is different.


Shopping first

money loan

Installment loans came first. Here, we are increasingly willing to spend money on purchases of consumer goods. They are mainly clothes, cosmetics, home electronics and appliances. Also, shoe shopping is a very common reason for taking out a loan, especially as the amount of up to $ 3,000 can be obtained completely free now. Loan companies offer a promotion to their new clients. “First loan for free”, thanks to which customers who borrow and return money on time will not pay any commission.

Ladies eagerly devote borrowed cash to buy dresses, cosmetics or shoes (often they are stilettos). As for men, RTV equipment (TV sets, sound system), but also accessories or parts for the car are in the lead. It can be said that a loan of approximately $ 2,000 may be appropriate to carry out ongoing repairs of your vehicle.


Trips to tourism and rest

Trips to tourism and rest

At the turn of the years the attitude towards life changed as well. More and more people are looking at themselves and their families wanting to spend more time with them and relax. For this reason, we are more likely to borrow a weekend trip with friends or vacation with family. Currently, for the amount of 3000 dollars – 4000 dollars, you can easily fly for a week’s holiday abroad.

Similarly, for a weekend trip for $ 1000, you can spend two nights at a good hotel in Zakopane or at the Polish seaside. This is increasingly tempting Poles, therefore tourism is developing quite rapidly.


Financial charges and arrears

money loan

A little smaller purpose of loans is to spend on arrears in payments or current bills. There are still a lot of people who are struggling with unregulated debts or just current bills for an apartment, telephone or electricity. However, this scale decreases from year to year. This is probably related to better government policy in supporting the poorest people in the country.

In the case of people who are not good customers, i.e. those with debt or low income, it may be difficult to take advantage of the loan. Loan companies examine the creditworthiness of their clients and decide whether to grant a loan or refuse it. Still, it’s easier to get money from a lender in the country than from a bank. In the case of banks, verification of creditworthiness is quite large.

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