Company car: the strangest delivery trucks you’ve seen

What’s the easiest way to get attention? Look! In nature, males – especially among birds – take beautiful colors and shapes to arouse the interest of a potential partner. And how to draw the looks of potential customers? For example, a space company car!

Food trucks from sleep


The owners of food trucks, i.e. wheel bars becoming more and more popular in Poland, probably have the greatest opportunity to show off. Riding hot dogs, plush cups, giant peanuts, or mini jets are just the tip of the iceberg, which is human creativity. Under all additions and varnish layers, there are usually ordinary car models, which we see every day on our roads.

Their expansion and adaptation to the needs of the owners, however, meant that they became something completely different than originally anticipated by their designer.

The future is coming with Vamsung


Well known for its electronic products, Vamsung proposes a leap into the future that any owner of a van will be able to make. Mounting a monitor on the tailgate of the car displaying the driver driving behind the truck in front of him may turn out to be a hit, but it will also increase road safety.

How many times do we follow the lorry and try to overtake it, we face (or rather: we drive) the problem of low visibility and the only solution is to try to look from behind the barrier – which is unfortunately a dangerous and uncertain maneuver in effectiveness. It would be different if such a giant showed us what the road ahead looks like!

The truck in three dimensions


Optical illusions always attract our attention and make us want to share an amazing view with others. So there is probably no better way to advertise than to use the artistic skills of 3D image specialists.

More and more trucks in the US are decorated so that when viewed from the right angle, you get the impression that you can see what’s inside. Some go further with the idea and commission their vans to create works of art with amazing views or familiar scenes from movies.

Japanese miracles


The kings of space cars are and will always be Japanese. Buses reminiscent of Optimus Vrime? Are. 

Some Japanese delivery vehicles can only be described as one: monsters. It is not about aesthetic impressions at all – these are like after a movie show full of sensational special effects. However, the size, the impression of mass, the amount of huge additions fulfilling certain functions or being only a decoration, just knocks on your knees. If we advertised our businesses in this way, publicity would be guaranteed. The only question is whether we would be allowed to enter the road?

Is it worth advertising a company car?

Some wonder if it makes more sense to invest in decorating a truck or other car. After all, this is not a small expense: reworking, varnishing, wrapping – it all costs!

Whether we want it or not, we all buy primarily through the eyes – if we like something visually, then we are more eager to reach for it, we return to places where we feel good, etc.

The same is true with advertising on the car: if we want to be visible and recognizable, move our brand to the recipient’s consciousness, then you have to get there. So why not on wheels? As you can easily see, advertising on a car does not have to be boring!

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The cost of extending the van


The company car can be modified in so many ways that the head hurts, so the cost of developing our van can be huge. It all depends on how much we want to go crazy! However, our fantasy is often held back by finances.

Raising funds for car repairs does not have to be a bigger challenge than just implementing our cool project. After preparing the cost estimate, let’s review the offers of loans from banks and loans from proven companies. The conditions on which they will propose money should be repayable for us. What if we can’t afford to pay back a large loan? Let’s modify our car’s design so that it fits in the budget!

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